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I just placed an order, but I want to add two more machines and change them to 150w? How can I do that.

Dragi Dosda


Administrator:Dear Customer, Thanks for your rely. I have sent an email to you, please check it. Thanks.

hi my name is valentina I purchased a scaler 2 weeks ago, my order is under my email but that email is not working. I need to know the updates of my purchase please because I am moving out of the city on november 24th and I need the product before that date or change the address. my email is thank you

valentina bonilla


Administrator:Dear Customer, Thanks for your reply. I have sent an email to you, please check it. Thanks.

We own and are using the Mobile Trolley UV Sterilizer Disinfection Lamp Germicidal UV Sterilizing Light with Wheels. We are in need of replacement bulbs for this unit. Can we purchase just the bulbs and if so, how to do we order them seperate from the unit? Thank you Shawn



Administrator:Dear Customer, Thanks for your reply. Did you purchase the unit from our website? If yes, could you please provide me the order number? Waiting for your reply. Thanks.

Greeloy® GU-P206 Portable Dental Unit with Air compressor (with curing light and scaler handpiece)

Hello I want to know when my shipment arrives, order number 2020110851540815



Administrator:Dear Customer, Thanks for your reply. I have sent an email to you, please check it. Thanks.

Do you have A1 anterior porcelain pin denture teeth —- 8.6 mm on central’s , width 47 mm or about ..... only require anterior upper (6 teeth). 20 sets . Advise . Thank you

Summer Feuerstein


Administrator:Dear Customer, Sorry for the late reply. I'm really sorry that we do not have this kind of denture teeth. Thanks for your understanding.

Hello, This is Melanie and I am a professional photographer. I was discouraged, to put it nicely, when I came across my images at your web-site. If you use a copyrighted image without my approval, you should be aware that you could be sued by the copyrigh owner. It's illicitly to use stolen images and it's so filthy! Take a look at this document with the links to my images you used at and my earlier publications to obtain evidence of my copyrights. Download it now and check this out for yourself: If you don't remove the images mentioned in the document above within the next several days, I'll write a complaint on you to your hosting provider stating that my copyrights have been infringed and I am trying to protect my intellectual property. And if it doesn't work, you may be pretty damn sure I am going to report and sue you! And I will not bother myself to let you know of it in advance.



Administrator:Dear Customer, Thanks for your reply. Could you please tell me which picture is yours? I cannot see the picture. Thanks for your understanding.