Implant Torque Wrench

The success of the implant treatment depends on the precise tightening of the parts placed directly on the implant. A pre-stressed tightening of the screw will help avoid any risk of screwloosening.Also, high tightening torques may lead to screwfracture. The right angle implant torque wrench with precise torque measure makes it easy to access implant components in difficult to reach posterior areas. A frequent complication in implant dentistry is prosthetic screw loosening, and loose screws can lead to further complications, such as screw fracture. The better way to prevent screw loosening is to optimize the delivery of the torque value. This can done with a torque wrench that features precise torque measure control. All of the universal Implant torque wrench handpiece kit we sell comes with 12-month warranty and fast free shipping to worldwide. Also if you have any problem in choosing or using the product, please feel free to contact us and we'll do our best to solve the problem with you and make you 100% satisfied.

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