The Advantages of Dental Electric Motor & Air Motor Handpieces

There are two types of main dental handpiece: electric and air-driven. It is important to consider several key characteristics when choosing a dental handpiece. dental air motor handpieces are used in simple dental procedures that includes straight & contra angle handpieces. This is used for chairside dental procedures.  The dental air motor is driven by the compressed air pressure due to which it can be directly attached to the dental chair and simple procedures like trimming or polishing can be carried out. Our air motor handpieces offer a unique combination in endurance, power and strength. It can be attached easily to an ISO-E type motor with outstanding reliability and performance. An air motor is a good backup in case of an unexpected motor breakdown. You can connect an air motor to your existing tubing and handpiece swivel connections immediately to eliminate interruptions during your surgery. You can choose proper handpiece according to the application requirements as certain motors are more suitable to specific procedures including Restorative, Prophylaxis, Endodontics handpiece.

External Brushless Electric Dental Motor with Led Light Internal Water Spray NL400-I

The Advantages of dental electric motor handpieces

Many people feel hesitant to start using electric handpieces, as they have a very large learning curve.These handpieces use an dental electric motor to create the rotation movement of the strawberries, which causes them to weigh a little more and therefore increase the fatigue.In addition, if used by a professional with little experience may increase the risk of increasing the pressure on the tooth that does not produce "sound" as is the case of air hand pieces. However, it has some advantages:
Reaches 200,000 rpm.
They have a very constant torque that does not decrease with resistance.
It produces a smoother and more precise cut.
The great advantage of the electric hand piece is the possibility of defining a constant speed,which allows a high flexibility in the preparations.
The constant speed can be between 100 and 40,000 rpm.
Many electric handpieces allow to control torque and low speed and do an root canal preparation.
The diameter of the head is a little smaller, so the viewing angle is much better.
Patients often prefer this model because they are quieter and do not produce as much vibration.
In addition, electric motors, today are equipped with LED light,which gives a greater advantage.
Making a decision on which of the two is the best alternative is not easy, since the initial outlay is an important investment for dental clinics. However, studies have found that electric handpieces are more efficient, especially with the metal alloys used in dental procedures.


The Advantages of dental electric motor handpieces:

1.The air-driven handpieces are smaller and lighter.
2.They are more manageable than electric ones.
3.They have greater accessibility.
4.Reduces fatigue, so it provides a better user experience.
5.They have a much more sensitive work process, since you can "hear" the contact of the strawberry with the tooth.
6.They have a higher speed but a lower touch compared to electric handpieces.
7.When the piece comes into contact with the tooth, the resistance raises and lowers the speed to 50,000 - 300,000 rpm.

However, there are also certain disadvantages, as it is the case that produces a greater noise and a greater vibration, so it is very difficult to get the dental clinic to be a relaxed place.In addition, it can cause some anxiety in many patients. So you can choose your prefered handpiece according to your application requirements as certain motors are more suitable to specific procedures including Restorative, Prophylaxis, Endodontics handpiece, Implantology and Oral Surgery.If you have any quesiton on choosing a proper electric dental handpiece motor, please feel free to contact us at