Dental Surgical Lights

Selecting the right dental operating light is essential for your long-term interest. All our suppliers offer conventional halogen or modern LED (light emitting diode) operating lights in a variety of mountings.Dental operatory lights are a standard fixture in every dental practice, because without these lights dentistry would be literally be in the dark ages. Something as simple as lightning the oral cavity can actually make or break the success of a dental operatory. Operatory lights are permanently mounted to the ceiling, cabinet, wall or delivery system and have a variety of swing arm options.Our dental operating lights always ensure a perfect light: outstanding light quality for ideal dental treatment outcomes. LED and halogen technology, sanitary and ergonomically designed.

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Dental Surgical Lights Comments

Dental Led Cold light Medical Surgery Lamp for Hospital Orthopedic WYKL5

Can you ship to Ukraine? Is it free shipping?



Ceiling-mounted Dental Oral Light Lamp Operating Lamp 6 LED Lens With Arm

thanks so much ,received the dental light last week. works perfect!



YUSENDENT® COXO CX249-22 Dental Lamp Patient Light Reflectance LED Bionic Design

Hi,I received this tool,Works well, without any problem.Thank you for your help.



Dental 26-Hole LED Planting Lamp Shadowless Color Temperature Adjustable

nice product and fast delivery!

Dr. Lewis


KWS KD-2012D-3C 36W Ceiling-mounted LED Dental Surgical Lighting Shadowless Lamp

Looks great! I just received it and had a try. The 36W LED illumination is 2 times of the 50W incandescent lamp illumination. The design is new, and technics and price are reasonable.

Justus Berger


KWS KD-2036D-1 108W Wall-mounted Shadowless Lamp Surgical Medical Exam Light

This light looks very high, instantly improved the level of my clinic with it in, lol. Many of my friends like it very much. I usually place it against the wall when i do not use it, it does not occupy space.

Nevin Lowes