Micro Motor Handpiece

A dental micro motor handpiece is a specialized tool used in dentistry for various procedures, such as cutting, polishing, and drilling. It is an essential component of dental units and is typically connected to a dental chair or a control unit. It has the characteristics of small size, high speed, strong cutting force, stable and reliable rotation, and easy to carry. Nearly all dental lab handpieces need a dental lab micromotor for power in drilling semihard tissues in the mouth. In everyday dentistry practice, the dental lab micromotor controls both the torque and the speed level of the dental lab micromotor handpiece. The dental lab high speed handpiece serves as a precision device which can remove tooth tissue efficiently and rapidly with no pressure, heat or vibration and cut the tooth like butter. When choose a micromotor handpiece, we need to consider these factors including compatibility, speed range, torque and power, noise level, budget, durability and maintenance.etc. You can select a dental micro motor handpiece that meets your specific requirements, enhances your dental procedures, and provides reliable performance.

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