Dental Amalgamator

An amalgamator is a mechanical apparatus designed to triturate balanced proportions of liquid mercury and metal alloy to produce silver amalgam restorative material. Dental amalgamator makes mixing amalgam capsules simple and consistent. It features high energy output while at the same time maintaining silence with low vibrations. Extremely accurate with consistent trituration, Dental lab Amalgamator has a multi-use mixer for alloy and glass ionomer capsules.

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Dental Amalgamator Reviews

Dental Lab Digital Amalgamator Mixer Capsule HL-AH G8 Lab Equipment 5000rpm FDA

I unpacked the triturator (amalgamator, amalgam mixer) and removed the two packing screws on the bottom of the machine and plugged it in. I was pleasantly surprised that it turned on and worked. I brought it into the office and tuned it to the mixes that we use. Everyone is very happy with the machine. It runs much quieter that our previous unit (we can actually hear each other talking over it when running), it is smaller, and the machine has more adjustments. Everyone is very happy with it so far.



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