Dental Water Distillers

Water purifier can provide clean distilled water for your dental ultrasonic cleaning equipment, dental handpieces and other dental equipment.

Ordinary tap water contains heavy ions elements, long term use will cause irreversible damage for your dental equipment and others. However, the Water purifier can ensure you and your patient safety through separating the heavy ion elements and secondary water disinfection.

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Dental Water Distillers Reviews

Electric Pure Water Distiller Countertop 750W 4L Dental Water Distilled Machine

I'm enjoying the Water Distiller. I like having two cords- a power cord and a cord to the fan unit. That makes it easy to clean and move around not having cords hanging from the unit. The stainless steel spout is nice, but there is no carbon filter compartment like on other units. The cap on the water bottle leaks, so be careful not to spill your newly made distilled water. It needs a better cap seal. It produces a gallon of water in just over 4 hours- far less than my old distiller. I attribute it to a very good seal between the tank and fan unit. All in all, a good product for the price.

Mr.Jarno Levi


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