Dental Turbine Handpiece

A high-speed turbine handpiece that operates at speeds about 100,000 to 800,000 rpm. Features such as attachment type, head size, light source, handpiece weight and motor noise further distinguish high-speed handpieces. The high speed or ultra-speed handpiece operates with a water spray and may have a fiber-optic light to facilitate better visibility. A water spray is necessary to reduce the temperature within the handpiece and surgical site.Be sure whichever dental high-speed handpiece chosen employs high quality bearings, as that will ensure longevity of your high-speed handpiece.

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Dental Turbine Handpiece Comments

YUSENDENT® COXO CX207-GW-SP Fiber Optic Handpiece With W&H Roto Quick Coupler

The price is competitive and the service is great!

Curtis D Nieves


Administrator:Thank you for your great feedback! We will continue to work hard to provide you with the best products and best service!

YUSENDENT® CX207-GK-PQ Fiber Optic Handpiece KAVO Compatible (With Coupler x1+ Without Coupler x2)

I have used this Fiber Optic Handpiece for a long time, have not found any problems so far. It works smoothy and very quite. Like it very much!

Ludwig Rhys


Administrator:Hello Friend, Glad to hear your positive feedback, we really appreciate it. Anything we can do for you please feel free to let us know.

YUSENDENT® CX207-GN-PQ Dental Fiber Optic Handpiece With NSK Roto Quick Coupler

The quality is very good, I will buy one more.



YUSENDENT® COXO CX207-GW-SP Fiber Optic Handpiece With W&H Roto Quick Coupler

discounts price for me, my W&H handpiece is much higher price than this one, but i think there's just little different, in total good handpiece.



YUSENDENT® High Max Push Botton Dental LED Handpiece With Generator GL 6H

The function of the dental handpiece is as well as my old one, but the price is half of it, I am very delighted and will recommend to my friends, thanks