Dental Turbine Unit

Our dental turbine unit is made up of imported parts in response to the needs of customers. The common handpiece interface is widely used all over the world, so it can connect with different external pieces according to different demands.The Turbine unit comes with a hose with free-ends. One end is connected to the turbine unit, and the other to the compressor. If you don't know how to connect dental turbine unit to compressor, you can contact our customer service for help.

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How to connect dental turbine unit to compressor?
1.Hooking up your Dental Turbine Unit;
2.Unscrew the nut from the back of the turbine unit.
3.Insert the nut through the free-end of the tube.
4.Push the tube into the fitting on the turbine – push all the way until part of the tube gets slightly fatter to accommodate the fitting.
5.Screw back the nut in place until secure.

Dental Turbine Unit Reviews

Wall-Mounted Dental Unit with 3-way Syringe+ 2 Handpiece Tubes

Perfect! Definitely would recommend this to anyone looking to purchase a Wall-Mounted Dental Unit!

Dr Miller


Administrator:We are so happy to hear that and thank you so much for your support on our website. Any problem do free to contact us.

Wall-Mounted Dental Unit with 3-way Syringe+ 2 Handpiece Tubes

This Wall-Mounted Dental Unit is easy to install, and it looks nice in my office, but i did not notice it does not include handpiece, doesn't matter, i will buy the handpiece now as your price is very reasonable.

Dr. Kelley


Administrator:Hello Friend, Glad to hear your positive feedback, we really appreciate it. Anything we can do for you please feel free to let us know.

LY® Portable Dental Turbine Unit Work with Air Compressor

The title is VERY misleading, as the 'with air compressor' implies that a compressor is included. This is NOT the case.
I have request that the with air compressor' be replaced with "Needs Air Compressor to Run, but was told that this was not possible with eBay.

Let the buyer beware! The compressor was going to be a few hundred dollars extra.