Portable Dental Chair

Portable Dental Chair is lightweight, easy to set up, and durable, making it ideal for use in mobile operatories and field dentistry. Dental portable chair is an ergonomically designed equipment that is extensively used in the dental clinics and hospitals. Owing to its state of the art design, cushioned seat, user-friendly operations, and various tools that assist dentists in diagnosing and curing of a certain oral condition, this chair is widely demanded in the market. The backrest, height, and elevation angle of the chair can be adjusted manually as per the convenience.

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Application of Portable Dental Chair Unit
Treat patients anywhere, anytime with the help of portable dental chair from Dentalsaelmall.com. When you're able to easily move your dental units from one place to another, it adds even more opportunities for your dental practice. Mobile dental chair unit can be used within a busy dental office with multiple exam rooms. In addition, it allows for the opportunity to treat patients in their homes or go on the road with a mobile dental clinic to different communities. It can work with portable dental unit and making work more flexible and easier.

1.Opening, renovating or expanding a dental hygiene treatment room.
2.Treating patients in retirement homes, nursing homes or homes for the disabled professionally and in line with their needs.
3.Visiting patients at home in line with their needs and treating professionally.
4.Humanitarian missions with optimal quality and efficiency.
5.Leading dental equipment for the army, navy and air force.
6. Examining and professionally treating children in the context of a school dental service.