Dental Air Polisher

Air Polishing is a dental hygienist treatment that has been developed to help keep your teeth clean and white.Dental air polishers are an integral part of a dental practice. They are essential to the removal of plaque, biofilm, discoloration, and soft deposits. They are faster and more effective at cleaning than other methods, and they reduce teeth sensitivity and improve dental patient comfort.

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Dental Polisher Hygiene Air Jet Prophy Mate with NSK Quick Coupling 4 Hole

great product and well packed



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YUSENDENT® COXO DB-828-3 Teeth Polishing Air Polisher

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YUSENDENT® COXO DB-828 Teeth Polishing Air Polisher

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YUSENDENT® COXO DB-828 Teeth Polishing Air Polisher

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Dental Handy Teeth Polishing Luxury Jet Air Polisher

Very fast delivery - excellent service. Great product.