Dental CAD/CAM Blocks

We are a professional dental material supplier including zirconia block, peek block, milling tools, PMMA block, wax for all CAD CAM milling system. All the products are manufacturered with premium Zirconia powder using a cold isostatic pressing system to form shapes. Isostatic pressing is the method of creating ceramic blocks from dry powder and applying uniform pressure from all directions. The production cost by using Isostatic pressing is much higher than uniaxel dry pressing. But the quality is also much higher. CAD/CAM blocks or discs are used in conjunction with a dental mill to produce final or temporary restorations or a range of parts used in these restorations. When choosing a block it is vital to make sure it is fit for the intended restorative indication. Some dental lab materials requires specialized firing protocols in a dental oven and others require specific polishing procedures, so it is important to make sure you have the equipment and supplies necessary to use the material you choose.

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