Dental Air Motor

There are two types of main dental motors: electric and air-driven. It is important to consider several key characteristics when choosing a dental motor. dental air motorare used in simple dental procedures that includes straight & contra angle handpieces. This is used for chairside dental procedures. The dental air motor is driven by the compressed air pressure due to which it can be directly attached to the dental chair and simple procedures like trimming or polishing can be carried out. Our air motor handpieces offer a unique combination in endurance, power and strength. It can be attached easily to an ISO-E type motor with outstanding reliability and performance. An air motor is a good backup in case of an unexpected motor breakdown. You can connect an air motor to your existing tubing and handpiece swivel connections immediately to eliminate interruptions during your surgery. You can choose proper handpiece according to the application requirements as certain motors are more suitable to specific procedures including Restorative, Prophylaxis, Endodontics handpiece.

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