Reduction Contra-angle

The reduction contra-angle is typically used in dental procedures that require slower rotational speeds, such as endodontic treatments, root canal procedures, or when working with delicate materials. The reduced speed helps to provide better control and precision during these procedures. Reduction contra-angle handpieces maintain sufficient torque even at lower speeds. This torque is necessary for efficient cutting or shaping during dental procedures. Many reduction contra-angle handpieces have a built-in water spray feature. The water spray helps in cooling the bur and the tooth surface, reducing heat generation during procedures. Also, Some reduction contra-angle handpieces with fiber optics to provide improved illumination at the working site. This enhances visibility and allows for better accuracy during procedures.

We are proud to offer 4:1, 6:1, 10:1, 16:1, 20:1 reduction contra-angle for endodontics and implant treatment withguaranteed quality and competitive price. They are detachable from the handpiece, so it is easy to make the handpiece accessories maintenance efficiently. The selection of a reduction contra-angle handpiece for a specific application depends on factors such as the procedure requirements, the desired speed and torque, and the dentist's preference. It's important to consider the specific reduction ratio and features of the handpiece to ensure it meets the needs of the procedure at hand.

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