Teeth Whitening Machine

The perfect teeth whitening experience combines effective teeth whitening materials along with an excellent teeth whitening lamp. Whether you are a dental office or mobile teeth bleaching service, Dentalsalemall.com has a variety of teeth whitening machines (lamps) and materials.Our Teeth Whitening system has a strong cool blue light, smart and compact design with an adjustable light intensity and bleaching time. The teeth whitening system is highly efficient and comes with a quiet cooling fan and a wide LCD screen display. This light actuates tooth whitener, which oxides the tooth stains.

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Teeth Whitening Machine Comments

Dental 7'' LCD LED Teeth Whitening System Bleaching Light Lamp with Camera

It's easy to clean, so that keeps my patients from getting bacterial infections.



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Moblie 360 Rotate Constant Temperature Dental Portable Led Teeth Whitening Lamp Accelerator Light

I purchased a whitening machine, its going up to 1 week . What is going on please



Administrator:Dear customer, Your package has been shipped out, please kindly wait a few days. We have sent the tracking number to your email, please check it.

30W Dental Teeth Whitening Bleaching Machine Mobile LED 6 Blue Cold +4 Red Lamp

Excellent seller. Prompt delivery. Good price item as described. Recommended.



MLG Dental Teeth Whitening Accelerator High Power Blue LED Bleaching Machine

Could not imagine it features with such high power Blue Led light with so small size body, very suitable for my dental office!

Dr. Classics


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30W Dental Teeth Whitening Bleaching Machine Mobile LED 6 Blue Cold +4 Red Lamp

Great device for my dental office, it lets the patients feel comfortable during the teeth whitening process! Worthy to purchase!

Dr. Martin


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MLG® 8 inch LCD Monitor Teeth Whitening + Intraoral Camera M-86 Trolley-type With SD Card

Can you ship to Canada and how long does it take?



Administrator:Thanks for your inquiry! Yes we can ship to Canada and it usuallt takes about 7 - 10 days for you to get it! Any other questions, please feel free to contact us!