Oral Aerosol Suction Unit

Extraoral Dental Aerosol Suction System
During oral treatment, in the process of high speed handpice, ultrasonic scaler or powder scaler, bacterial aerosol or droplets which include a lot of saliva and blood would pollute the doctor and the patient's health seriously.The chairside extra-oral external aerosol evacuation system can removes these aerosols to prevent cross-infection between the doctors and the patients. Providing a clear, dry and clean environment.
Extraoral dental vacuum suction system is specially designed for hospital dental clinic, a extraoral dental suction device configuration used aerosol precision higher HEAP filter and sterilization system, and can quickly filter the patients in the clinic process of droplet, aerosol, bacteria and other harmful substances, effectively reduce the probability of virus cross-infection, provide more clean and healthy environment for clinic!
External dental aerosol suction machine use the strong suction pressure and large flow rate, with the 75mm suction pipe wide mouth sucker, it can achieve a huge suction flow rate which negative pressure suction can't compare with, this could reduce the cross infection risk of doctors and patients greatly.If you have any problem in choosing chairside extra-oral vacuum aspirator system, you can feel free to contact us.

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