Brushless Micro Motor

The brushless dental micromotor is commonly used when working with dental grade zirconium, chrome cobalt alloy, and denture acrylic. It's also suitable to plaster polishing and has a longer lifespan than the brush-type motors, lasting for up to one million 0.5s on-off cycles. Look for a brushless dental micro motor that provides consistent torque even at low speeds. In the dental practice, dentists are tasked with fitting restorative devices for their patients, which often requires minor adjustments to be made in-office using dental instruments powered by a dental polishing micro motor. Having the right micro motor for the work can enable you to trim and polish porcelain, composites, metals or acrylic dentures. In such instances, the brushless dental micro motor is more suitable for you because of the low noise levels and attractive finish. When choosing a brushless dental lab micro motor, it is important to select a reliable supplier for producing high-quality instruments. You should take these factors into consideration such as the range of speeds, power output, compatibility with lab attachments, and ease of maintenance.

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