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We accept Paypal, Credit Card and Bank Transfer. 

1. Paypal
We accept payment via PayPal. The most loved way to pay and get paid.
Our paypal account is, you also can send money directly to our account, then write email about the items paid for.

2. Credit Card
1. We accept Credit Card, visa card and mastercard available.
2. Credit Card in Paypal is OK.


3. Bank Transfer & West Union

Note:After you complete your order, our webiste will send the bank account imformation to your email.


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Can you check my order.
Geoffrey Dennis
10 inch Model Trimmer.
289 MAIN Rd Bairnsdale Australia 3875.
ordered 2/1/19

How long for delivery ?


Administrator : Dear Geoffrey Dennis,

Thanks for your reply.
We have received yourpayment and will arrange the shipment asap.
Usually it will take 6-9 working days for the delivery.
Geoffrey Dennis
289 MAIN St
Please kindly wait.
Best regards.



i was wondering how long it would take approximately to get M6D666 shipped to Calgary, Alberta, Canada?

Thank you
Maria Bountroukas


Administrator : Dear Customer,

Thanks for your reply.
YOu can know detailed information and place an order on our website directly.
Usually it will take 5-9 working days for the delivery.
Any further needs, please let me know.