Dental Handpiece

There are two main types of dental handpiece - electric and air driven. When deciding on a air motor handpiece, it is worth considering a number of key features to ensure the motor meets your dental requirements. They have multiple applications in endodontics, implantology and dentistry in general, so having a comfortable handpiece is essential. Air motor dental handpieces are used in simple dental procedures that includes straight & contra angle handpieces.

Our dental handpieces have a long life and high reliability through selection of very high-quality materials and extremely high manufacturing tolerances lead to cost-efficiency paired with high-quality technology. Each dental handpiece is selected with attention to detail, including its durability, grip comfort, rotation smoothness and pricing. You can trust that our selection of high speed and slow speed handpieces have been tested extensively and are some of the very best on the market. Price points for handpieces can vary greatly, with higher prices on handpieces offering features such as fiber optic lights, titanium bodies and ceramic bearing. If you have any question on choosing a proper dental handpiece , please feel free to contact us.

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