Dental Electric Motor

Dental Handpieces are one of the most common rotary instruments used in dentistry. Both electric and air-driven handpieces have their advantages and drawbacks. Compared to electric dental handpiece motor, air-driven handpieces will produce a greater noise and a greater vibration, so it is very difficult to get the dental clinic to be a relaxed place.In addition, it can cause some anxiety in many patients. Nowadays, the use of electric handpiece motor is becoming more and more common because it has many advantages. Electric dental motor allow you more control over your dental handpieces while offering consistently high torque, less bur chatter and greater cutting efficiency. So the electric dental handpiece is quieter than air turbine handpiece and has a higher torque and less vibration. LED lighting is the most common source of light. Many electric dental handpiece motors are easily integrated into existing computer systems. With the smaller diameter of the head, so the viewing angle is much better and it can produce a smoother and more precise cut. So you can choose your prefered handpiece according to your application requirements as certain motors are more suitable to specific procedures including Restorative, Prophylaxis, Endodontics handpiece, Implantology and Oral Surgery.If you have any quesiton on choosing a proper electric dental handpiece motor, please feel free to contact us.

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