Contra Angle Handpiece

A contra angle handpiece is a tool used in dentistry. Powered by a motor, it rotates the drilling and polishing tips. The contra angle handpiece can be inserted with various rotary instruments to meet the diverse needs of dental surgery. When comes to the choice of the contra angle handpiece, you may find that various sizes of contra-angle handpieces are available in the dental equipment market. Contra angles handpieces are widely used in removal of decay, finishing or refining of cavity preparation, finishing and polishing of restorations, adjusting crowns, bridges and dentures.
When choosing a contra angle handpiece, you should consider several factors sush as intended use, speed and gear ratio, ergonomics and comfort, maintenance and compatibility to ensure you select the right one for your needs. We supply a complete series contra angle handpieces including contra-angle 1:1, contra-angle 20:1 and contra-angle 1:5 , etc. For better work results, the right dental handpiece are necessary. If you have any question in choosing dental handpiece, please feel free to contact us.

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