Dental Cutting Lathe

The dental high speed cutting grinding machine for the mechanic cut grinding, polishing equipment necessary for support, steel bracket and all kinds of resin model grinding, cutting. The high-speed alloy grinder can be also used in all kinds of cutting and polishing for various pint-sized metal, resin,or plastic work pieces and craftwork. It is designed with integrated drilling bit and motor at the same time,and extending the useful time of the drilling pieces. And it features high rotation speed, fast cutting and griding and low noise. Different dental lab alloy grinder offer different speed and torque controls, so find a system that meets your specific needs and will fit on a bench in your lab or practice. f you have any problem in choosing or using the dental lab polishing lathes, please feel free to contact us and we'll do our best to solve the problem with you and make you 100% satisfied.

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