How does Dry Heat Sterilization Work?

Dry heart sterilization takes longer than steam sterilization due to the inefficiencies of heating air with a very low moisture content. Compared to steam sterilization, which requires a temperature around 121 degrees Celsius to be maintained for approximately 30 minutes, dry heat sterilization requires higher temperatures of around 180 degrees Celsius to be effective at neutralizing biological contaminants and their spores.

For this reason, dry heat sterilization is most appropriate for medical devices which are heat resistant but susceptible to water damage which would make steam sterilization a poor choice. Hot air ovens are the most common setup for dry heat sterilization of tools composed of metal or glass. Vials containing biologic drugs such as vaccines are often sterilized using a dry heat method prior to filling to ensure they contain no microorganisms.


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How does Dry Heat Sterilization Work?
Dry heat sterilization uses high temperatures to kill microorganisms and bacterial spores. Another type of sterilization by heat uses moist heat. Both are acceptable and used to sterilize different types of equipment. Dry heat sterilization requires higher temperatures and longer exposure times than moist heat sterilization. Recommendations are:

Temperature    Exposure time
150 degrees Celcius    150 minutes
160 degrees Celcius    60 minutes
170 degrees Celcius    30 minutes
Dry heat sterilizer is used on items that cannot get wet and for glassware, oils, powders, metal instruments, and items wrapped in paper. There are several different types of dry heat sterilization such as:

Hot air oven: there is static air (heating coils on the bottom) or forced air hot air oven (motorized blower) that are used differently
Incineration: burns medical waste that is disposable
Flaming: exposing objects to direct fire/flame
Example of a hot air oven for dry heat sterilization
Example of a hot air oven for dry heat sterilization
Kathy is reviewing the process of sterilizing reusable medical equipment in the operating room so she is focusing on the use of the hot air oven.

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