Dental LED Oral Light

We offer a wide range of dental led surgery light from industry recognised manufacturers. Our dental led oral lights are powered by either halogen or LED technology and are adjustable to the needs of the dentist, hygienist and assistant. When choosing a oral led shadowless light for your operatory, ensure it works with your delivery system, cabinetry and if your preferred position during procedures is compatible. Different oral led surgical lights have different color temperatures and lux (light intensity ratings), so be sure these are compatible with the rest of your operatory lighting.The right dental oral lighting should strike a balance between providing enough high intensity illumination to enhance work precision, especially when it comes to procedures such as colour matching for restorations and cosmetic work, as well as reducing eye strain and improving energy levels as light can affect how tired you feel at the end of the day.

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Dental LED Oral Light Reviews

2.5X 3.5X Wireless Headband Dental LED Head Light Headlight for Magnification Binocular Loupes 5W LED Shadowless Light

Just to confirm, both the loupe and the presbyopic lens are included in the set? How many lumens is the LED?



Administrator:Dear Customer, Thanks for your reply. Yes, it comes with the loupe and the presbyopic lens . "How many lumens is the LED? " Do you mean how many watts of the led light in this part? Please check the the attached picture. If yes, it is 6-10w.The strength of it is adjustable, the power can be adjusted. Thanks.

TPC Dental L550-LED Lustrous LED Post Mount Operatory Light with Motion Sensor

Product was as expected. Shipping was fast.



KWS KD-2021W-3 Wall Mounted Dental LED Light Operatory Exam Medical Surgical Shadowless Lamp

Great service and communication. Order arrived on time with no issues.



Micare JD1700 Ceiling Mount Dental Light LED Examination Operatory Shadowless Exam Light

Exactly as I wanted, arrived very fast. Just like the description, they arrived without any problem.



Administrator:Dear friend, We are so happy to hear that and thank you so much for your support on our website. Any problem do free to contact us. Best regards

Clip-on Dental Metal 5W LED Head Light + Filter & Belt Clip for Loupe

Excellent product and excellent customer service. The product arrived on time.Thanks



Administrator:Hello Friend, Glad to hear your positive feedback, we really appreciate it. Anything we can do for you please feel free to let us know.

Ceiling-mounted Dental Oral Light Lamp Operating Lamp 6 LED Lens With Arm

Great product, It worked very well. Thanks

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