Dental Loupes

Dental loupes improve your dental and surgical work. Pick up a pair of our loupes, attach a headlight, and within minutes you'll see the difference. Not only to your vision, but also to your posture. Our Flip-Up Loupes are uniquely designed and built to offer both ergonomic comfort and precision performance. Traditional double hinge loupes force you to compromise on ergonomics or optics, but our dental loupes allow for deep ergonomic placement of the loupes without sacrificing optical line of sight. Our custom through-the-lens (TTL) loupes are tailored to align to your facial features and eye measurements. This ensures a perfect fit, and because the optics are closer to your eyes, an incredible field of view.

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Dental Loupes Reviews

Dental LED Surgical Headlight 3.5X420mm Leather Headband Loupe DY-106

The Led light brightness is very appropriate, which improves my work efficiency!



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JD2100 Dental LED Headlight With 3.5X Magnifier Loupe

It makes my work more efficient!



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3.5X Dental Loupes Binocular Medical Loupe Surgical Magnifier Glass TTL

This did not make my eyes uncomfortable within working distance,thanks your good product!



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2.5X420mm Dental Surgical Medical Binocular Headband Loupes DY-107

It's comfortable to wear. I recommend it !



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Dental Surgical Medical 2.5X420mm Headband Loupe with LED Headlight DY-105 White

This headband has a nice texture and it's also easy to clean!



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6.0X 420mm Medical Loupes Binocular Dentist Magnifier Dental Loupes Eyeglasses

El producto es de una calidad bastante satisfactoria. Vino bien embalado.



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