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About Discount China Dental Online Store - is a proffesional china dental online store which mainly supplies dental equipment, dental lab equipemnt and accessories for dental clinics, hospitals, and dental laboratories with guaranteed quality and affordable price. We are committed to provide a platform for more and more dentists, and dental technicians getting what they are not able to get from factories directly, customized products. The all products for sale are in stock, if you need it, you can place the order directly.

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We mainly supply dental equipment for many years, we develop a long lasting connection with over 50 factories and our products price is reasonable and competitive. We are constantly working to cut our customers cost as much as we can. The price we present to you will be lower than you buy from the manufacturer directly.

Guaranteed quality

We provide high quality products to our customers. All the products must be examined by three main processes in our company before shipping & handling. There are also 12 months warranty for all products. If there will be problems with the products you order on our website, thank you to contact our customer service, we will do our best to satisfy you.

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As a professional dental online shop, our emails and telephone are available to our customers, so that we are able to have smooth communication in pre-sales and after-sale service all the time. In one word, everything we do is focused on customers' satisfaction, helping customer to find the suitable dental equipment. If you have any problem, please feel free to contact us. We will try our best to help you solve the problem as soon as possible.

Store Feedback

Greeloy GU-P302S Adjustable Mobile Dental Delivery Cart Unit System

One question, does this unit already come with the compressor or do I have to buy the compressor separately?

26/09/2022   by Dr. Gordon

Admin:This one doesn't include compressor, you can have a look at this one with air compressor:

2.5X 3.5X Wireless Headband Dental LED Head Light Headlight for Magnification Binocular Loupes 5W LED Shadowless Light

Just to confirm, both the loupe and the presbyopic lens are included in the set? How many lumens is the LED?

22/09/2022   by Dr.Garavelli

Admin:Dear Customer, Thanks for your reply. Yes, it comes with the loupe and the presbyopic lens . "How many lumens is the LED? " Do you mean how many watts of the led light in this part? Please check the the attached picture. If yes, it is 6-10w.The strength of it is adjustable, the power can be adjusted. Thanks.

Hi I purchased dental mobile unit I never got confirmation email please send me confirmation email , order number 2022092126332815

22/09/2022   by Hanna Nekhamiyeva

Admin:Dear Customer, Thanks for your reply. I have sent an email to you, please check it. Thanks.

Hi I have anyxing 300 stop working and flushing E3 what this mean . Thank you

18/09/2022   by ARKADY KIVMAN

Admin:Dear Customer, Thanks for your reply. Could you please provide me with your order number and take a video of the problem to our email? Thanks.

How much is the delivery to Canada for a dental chair unit please . Toujian dental chair with complete dental unit

14/09/2022   by Orly amor

Admin:Dear Customer, Thanks for your reply. I have sent an email to you, please check it. Thanks.

I have a Sun 12L autoclave. I need printer paper rolls. Also, do I need to replace the ink cartridge? Do you have ink cartridges? How do I replace them in the autoclave. My Sun 12L autoclave has no instructions on how to do this.

10/09/2022   by Deanne Laureen Rivers

Admin:Dear Customer, Thanks for your reply. I have sent an email to you, please check it. Thanks.

BD-402B LED Fiber Dental Turbine Unit with Air Compressor Suction Triplex Syringe Optic

Hi I am interested in purchasing either the dental unit BD402, BD402A and BD402B. Can you please tell me: 1. what the difference is between the three models 2. which one would you say is the best of the three 3. Can model BD402A use handpiece and suction at the same time 4. What is the advantage or use of an electric system for BD402B Thank you and hope to hear from you soon.

08/09/2022   by Graham

Admin:Dear Customer, Thanks for your reply. Model 402: No tie rod, only portable, no air tank, not pure aluminum alloy. Model 402A: tie rod style, can also be hand-held, it comes with a air tank, it is pure aluminum alloy. It cannot use handpiece and suction at the same time. Model 402B: Pure aluminum alloy, with tie rod and air storage tank. It is an upgraded version of 402A. It has fewer switches than 402 and 402A, it is more convenient to use. Any further needs, please let me know. Thanks.

Dental Ergonomic Cordless Endodontic Ultrasonic Endo Activator Endoactivator Root Canal Irrigator Handpiece

Hi I wanted to know the warranty of this product and its quality. I want to purchase one but if there is any problem with it can I get a return it? Do you have refund and exchange policy? How long will it take to get it delivered to the UK if I order it today? Thanks

08/09/2022   by Leslie

Admin:Dear Customer, Thanks for your reply. We have 1 year quality warrant for the air polisher. You can return it if you do not like it, but you need to pay shipping fee. Usually the shipment will take about 8-15 working days for the delivery. Thanks.

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