Who Are We?

Dentalsalemall.com is a proffesional dental online shop which mainly supplies dental equipment, dental lab equipemnt and accessories for dental clinics, hospitals, and dental laboratories with guaranteed quality and affordable price.We are committed to provide a platform for more and more dentists,and dental technicians getting what they are not able to get from factories directly, customized products. All the products for sale are in stock, if you need it, you can place the order directly.

Why Shop at Dentalsalemall.com?

Affordable Price
We mainly supply dental equipment for many years, we develop a long lasting connection with over 50 factories and our products price is reasonable and competitive. We are constantly working to cut our customers cost as much as we can. The price we present to you will be lower than you buy from the manufacturer directly.

Guaranteed quality

We provide high quality products to our customers. All the products must be examined by three main processes in our company before shipping & handling. There are also 12 months warranty for all products. If there will be problems with the products you order on our website, thank you to contact our customer service, we will do our best to satisfy you.

Friendly & Effective Customer Service
As a professional dental online shop, our emails and telephone are available to our customers, so that we are able to have smooth communication in pre-sales and after-sale service all the time. In one word, everything we do is focused on customers' satisfaction, helping customer to find the suitable dental equipment.If you have any problem, please feel free to contact us.We will try our best to help you solve the problem as soon as possible.




How to Contact us?



Email---One-to-one communication would benefit a quicker answer for emails you sent.You can send an email to dentalsalemall.com@gmail.com. regarding what you need, which will be replied within 12 hours, 48 hours on weekends.


Phone call: +86-023-68438829

(If the phone can get through, but no one answers it. In this case, our customer service may not be online.You can leave us a message and we will contact you soon once we recieve your message.)
If the phone can not be connected for the moment?


Factory and Customer Service Department:

No.27-2, 3st Building, Neo-China Top City, No.1 Aoti Road, Yuanjiagang, Jiulongpo District, Chongqing, China

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Can you tell my how long shipping will take to Avondale, Arizona if I order today?

    Andrea Cannon

Administrator : Dear Customer,

Thanks for your reply.
Now the flight is in shortage because of the virus, usually it will take 9-15 working days for the delivery.
If you need the product, please order it asap, because we will have a holiday from October 1st to October 8th.
Any further needs, please let me know.


What is the distance that someone is to keep away form the unit if they have a defibrillator or pacemaker. Send me I formation on this issue

    Dr Lanier

Administrator : Dear Customer,

Thanks for your reply.
Could you please provide me the link of the itme you are interested in?
Waiting for your reply.


Good morning I have a question I have the MD666 led light teeth whitening and I don’t know where my power cord or my remote controllers is there a way that I can get another one or how would I be able to please let me know if you can call me at 209-573-3039 or email me that would be great thank you so much and advance

    Christina Coleman

Administrator : Dear Customer,

Thanks for your reply.
I'm really sorry that we cannot sell them separately.
Thanks for your understanding.


What is the estimated delivery time for. I a Ratón, Florida 33428 USA?
Do u have any external oral suction units with HEPA, UV with CFM 350 or above?


Administrator : Dear Customer,

Thanks for your reply.
I have sent an email to you, please check it.


Do you have any external dental suctions in stock? If so, when would expect delivery in the US?
Thank you.


Administrator : Dear Customer,

Thanks for your reply.
They are available, you can check it on our website directly.
Now the flight is in shortage because of virus, usually it will take 10-15 working days for the delivery.
Thanks for your understanding.