What's the Best Way to Replace Missing Teeth? Dental Implants, Dentures, or a Bridge?

Dental implants are one solution to replace missing teeth. Alternatives include partial dentures, bridges, and other options that dentists may offer. A partial denture is a detachable device that is often used to replace missing teeth. It is fixed and stabilized by the teeth in the mouth as well as the soft tissues/gum. A bridge is a fixture that uses front and rear teeth to hold it and replace missing teeth/teeth. The implant is a titanium column surgically placed on the tibia and later supports the crown. Your dentist can provide you with detailed information and help you decide which option is best for you, economically or otherwise.
Root dental implants are not suitable for everyone. If your jaw does not have enough bone structure, your dentist may use different types of implants instead of missing teeth. If you are not a candidate for any type of dental implant, the main options include:
Denture. Dentures are removable dentures. You can replace all or most of your natural teeth with a full denture. Or you may only need to replace some missing teeth with partial dentures.
Bridges, a traditional dental bridge, is a device consisting of artificial teeth attached to two crowns, also called a cap. (A bridge can also have more than one artificial tooth.) Artificial teeth fill the gap between the teeth. It is supported by a crown that fits the teeth on either side of the gap. There are also other types of dental bridges available.
Whether you choose dental implants with dental surgical implant machine, dentures or bridges to replace missing teeth depends on your needs, preferences and budget. Sometimes, the dentist will combine the method of replacing the missing teeth. For example, a bridge can be formed by placing a cap on two dental implants.