What are the advantages of dental ultrasonic scaler?

The main action of power best dental ultrasonic scaler is mechanical; the high vibrational energy crushes and removes calculus. Other actions include: creating shockwaves that disrupt bacterial cells, or using turbulence to disrupt biofims, and irrigation — the therapeutic washing and flushing of the periodontal pocket and root surface with cooling water.

What are the advantages of dental ultrasonic scaler?
Research shows power scaling instruments have advantages:
They are as effective as manual instruments for calculus removal in shallow gum pockets and significantly more effective in pockets greater than 4mm.
They are very effective in disrupting biofilm from root surfaces and from within periodontal pockets making them especially helpful when patients require frequent maintenance (cleanings).
Specially designed tips can penetrate deeper into periodontal pockets than manual instruments and are more effective at cleaning difficult nooks and crannies like furcations, (areas where roots join each other in multi-rooted teeth).
When used correctly they are kinder to tooth structure, which is especially important with repeated cleanings (when used correctly).
Coolant sprays provide irrigation (flushing of the area), which improves healing by removing bacteria and their bi-products as well as the hygienist's ability to see when scaling.
They require less time than manual instruments for the same job.
Their smaller tips cause less tissue distention and require very little pressure — thus making it more comfortable for you, the patient!

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