How important is the regular maintenance of dental lamps?

In QTH and LED light curing devices, the main factors affecting the intensity of light output are: inappropriate performance of the dental chair led light and filter, breakage and pollution of the device tip, the blurring of the bulb, the failure of electrical components, and defect in light transmitting fibers. In these devices, if maintenance is not carried out routinely, after a while, there will be some problems with the lamp, fan, or power supply .

How important is the regular maintenance of dental lamps?

There are two main problems with the quality of cured resin composite in the office:

Composite surface hardness is not a reliable guide because even at a low light intensity, the surface can sufficiently harden while the depth of the cure is not adequate. Moreover, it is impossible for the dentist to distinguish completely-cured composite resin from the one incompletely cured using a device with a low light intensity.

The output light of the device decreases as the device is used more, but this is not detectable by the unarmed eye because sometimes a seemingly bright light is not suitable for wavelengths. Furthermore, insufficient radiation intensity is not always compensated for by prolonging exposure time. Therefore, a digital radiometer is needed to measure the intensity of the curing light of the units to determine when the device needs to repaired or replaced

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