How to choose dental lab vacuum mixer

What dental lab vacuum mixer is best?

Currently, you still have two basic choices of choosing dental lab vacuum mixer , Mechanical and Electronic. There are reasons for each choice, but you should know your needs first. In your use, do you or your staff spend a significant amount of time mixing? Are you adept at mechanical repairs or not? How important is consistency in the mix? What is your budget?

These things only you would know, but they are important for your choice. For example, most mechanical mixers last longer than the Electronic Mixers. However, a significant reason for that is the ability of the user to do maintenance and repair.

Electronic mixers have smaller motor sizes and electronic boards and parts that have a shorter life span. In addition, as the technology moves forward, these now ‘old technology’ mixers are discontinued and parts are, “few and far between”. Newer Technology and demand creates newer products.
Unless you do inlay work like an old school dentist, there is not much need for the high sped drive and the 200ml friction mechanical mixer will most likely collect dust.

When choosing a hands free/electronic mixer that is programmable our choices are the VPM2 or the VPM Mini. Both use the same Vac-U-Mixer assembly so this is a good aspect if the customer already has the VPM2 and does not want to have an inventory of obsolete accessories.
If you are looking for the employee time saving’s of hands free mixing, then the electronics are the way to go. If you are looking for consistency, then Electronics are the way to go.

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