How to maintain the Air driven dental handpiece?

 How to maintain the Air driven dental handpiece?

Step 1: Surface clean the dental handpiece

Flush water through the handpiece for 30 seconds. The CDC calls for this in order to remove potential contaminants from the handpiece’s internal water line. Then use a brush under running water to remove any debris from the outside of the dental handpiece.


Step 2: Dry the dental handpiece

Excess water could lead to corrosion inside the handpiece. This will cause major problems down the road.


Step 3: Lubricate the dental handpiece

Spray oil into the drive air line using the proper lubricating tip. To ensure that the bearing have been lubricated, continue spraying until oil comes out of the handpiece head.


Step 4: Run the dental handpiece to expel excess oil

Run the dental handpiece after lubrication to make sure that oil is evenly distributed through the bearing and chuck mechanism. This will also expel excess oil so that you avoid coagulation during the autoclave process.


Step 5: Clean fiber-optic surfaces

Use alcohol and a Q-tip to remove excess oil and gunk from all fiberoptic surfaces. This will prevent buildup and discoloration, ensuring a long life for your dental handpiece!


Step 6: Bag the handpiece

The CDC recommends that you bag all instruments and dental handpieces so that they remain sterile.


Step 7: Sterilize

Allow the sterilizer to completely process through the dry cycle. If there is still dampness after the cycle has completed, leave the instruments in the autoclave until it the bag is completely dry.