Main Factors You Should Look For When Buying Dental Handpieces


Brand products:

Only buy products made by mature manufacturers. You will often see special offers from cheap manufacturers. The products of these suppliers are usually of poor quality and often do not comply with regulations and standards.
After-Sales Service:
The comprehensive service of medical devices retains their value and extends their useful life. A qualified service center can also provide timely assistance in the event of a product problem.
Compare the warranty periods and identify the components within the warranty. Wear parts such as ball bearings are usually not covered by the warranty.
Always compare the head sizes with burs: 
The small heads usually lead to a quick decision on the product, but when the bur is clamped into place, they will look very different.
LED lights:
Light is more than just light: find out what light value is achieved, and if possible, compare the size of the illumination field. The size of the illuminated area is particularly limited by the glass rods. LEDs integrated in the instrument head are the ideal solution.
Size and weight:
Ergonomics is an important factor. The use of titanium has not solved this problem. You will be amazed at the low instrument weight that can be achieved with other materials.
Power and speed:
Do not distract from high idle speed and high power specifications. Testing the load power will quickly show if the product has sufficient power or not.
Care – the alpha and omega: 
Reliable devices from the same manufacturer ensure that the instruments will be properly maintained. The machine needs lubrication to function properly - or are you willing to accept compromises with your car?
Careful selection of the sterilizer saves money. A vacuum sterilizer eliminates residual moisture from the instrument and extends its service life.
The dental handpieces on are CE certified for long life and high reliability. Each dental handpiece is carefully selected for durability, grip comfort, smoothness and price. That's why we are able to offer the best dental handpieces at a very competitive price. We also provide a 12 month warranty. If you are looking for the best high speed or low speed handpiece available, you can browse our dental handpiece inventory and choose the instrument that best suits you and your practice.
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