What is the difference between a dentist and an oral surgeon

The dentist and oral surgeon are similar, but you'll need to know that your children usually need to visit the dentist before seeing the oral surgeon.
As we know that every child should visit the dentist for each 6 months to confirm if there are any serious mouth or teeth problems that will require an oral surgeon. From that we can see, the dentist usually make the regular checkups with professional dental equipment while the surgeon usually make the oral diseases treatment. It seems the surgeons are more professional.
To get to know whether your kid need a dentist or oral surgeon, you need to know more about what the oral surgeons do. Oral surgeons are specialists who typically spend an extra four to eight years at a dental school. Usually, the dentist will refer the patient to the oral surgeons when the necessary dental work is beyond their normal practice. Oral surgeons (also known as maxillofacial surgeons) specialize in dental implants, jaw joint disorders, facial pain, and surgery like wisdom teeth removal.
Oral surgeons also perform some other surgeries, such as Simple tooth removals, Complex tooth removals that include bone, Impacted tooth removal, Soft tissue removal, Implant alignment, Removal of tumors, etc.
Then, what do the general dentists do? While general dentists can perform oral surgeries, their duties usually include Basic dental exams and X-rays, Fillings, Crowns, Sealants, Root canals, Bridges, Gum care and so on.
Oral surgery is usually performed in one day with local numbing. And the dental professional must use professional dental equipment during checkups and surgeries, such as intraoral camera, dental handpiece, dental surgical loupes, oral surgery lights, etc. Whether you are visiting a dentist or an oral surgeon, it is important to ask questions and follow the advice of a dental professional. And good oral hygiene is always important before and after surgery.