How to prevent cracked tooth

 We all want a beautiful, bright, smile without any issues. Unfortunately, there may be one or more teeth that break, crack or fracture. When this happens, you will suffer a lot of pain. Teeth cracking can also lead to the need for emergency dental surgery to prevent complete fracture, breakage and cut of your mouth. In addition, a cracked tooth can be very painful and cause you to want to go to a nearby dental clinic as soon as possible.


Then how to prevent your tooth from cracking or breaking? Here are four tips from
Keep good oral health - The best way to keep your teeth healthy and avoid any broken teeth, crack or break is to practice good oral hygiene. This includes brushing twice a day, preferably with an electric toothbrush, using a mouthwash, and then at least flossing once a day.
Visit your dentist regularly - Take care of your teeth and go to the dentist twice a year for routine cleaning to prevent decay, which can lead to more and more fillers in your teeth. When your teeth have no fillers, they are naturally stronger and have fewer chances of breaking.
Avoid eating hard foods - If you already have a lot of fillings and are afraid of cracking or breaking, avoid eating too much hard foods in the areas where your fillings are located, and try not to chew on hard objects such as ice, pens, pencils and hard candies.
Wear a mouthguard, if you grind - if you tend to grind your teeth at night, wear a mouthguard so you don't put too much pressure on your teeth.
If you feel you may have a cracked tooth, please see your dentist ASAP, because the dentist can check and confirm if your tooth is really cracking or not with professional tools, such as the dental loupes and intraoral camera with lcd screen, or even dental x ray machine if needed. And then can restore your cracked tooth with their professional technology, re-giving you a beautiful, bright, smile without any worries.