What Are The Advantages of a Brushless Motor?

 Brushless motor technology not only increases the power of cordless power tools, but also extends their working life. With these motors, you hardly need to worry about maintenance issues.


The advantages of brushless technology are many. No brush eliminates problems associated with overheating and failure. Therefore, the service life of the brushless motor is only related to the bearing. Brushless motors are more compact than other marathon micro motor dental units and are two to three times lighter. In addition to reducing vibration and noise, this also improves portability.
Electronic commutation allows for precise positioning. With an optimally balanced rotor, the motor can achieve speeds of up to 50,000 rpm. Electronic modules offer greater flexibility and a wider range of variations, especially the maintenance of torque from the start.
In the absence of friction between the rotor and the stator, the efficiency is significantly improved. Reduce heat and friction while optimizing battery energy. Power and autonomy can be increased by 25% using conventional batteries. According to the manufacturer, the latest generation of lithium-ion batteries can provide up to 50% or even 60% autonomy.
No friction causes the motor to spark even in intensive applications. Brushless technology has no contact areas, greatly reducing wear and maintenance. This offers several advantages: the motor is more energy efficient, prevents overheating, does not require a replacement brush, and users enjoy longer battery life - you will find the best cordless drill running on a brushless motor.
Those advantages above are the reasons why more and more people like to choose brushless motor in life. You can also buy cheap China brushless micro motor online at Dentalsalemall.com with top quality and affordable price. Fast delivery to worldwide!