Why Is Dentistry So Expensive?

 Because dentistry is very hard. Its cost is also very expensive. Dentists are surgeons who perform surgery on the hard and soft tissues of awake patients who are locally anesthetized in areas where people breathe, eat and communicate. Can you do that? I dare you can't do it! Please do not try!


Dental takes many years of schooling study, as well as the cost of building, maintenance, the equipment itself, the instruments and maintaining their sterility and sharpness, dental assistants, dental hygienists, receptionists, billing/accounting staff, continuing education, malpractice, furniture, digital equipment, and on and on.
A city may have many dental offices, but each has the same investment, and some have more than others. These materials, such as the metals for crowns, composite materials, are not cheap and require a great deal of skill to ensure that patients have the best possible outcome.
Dental supplies and equipment are very expensive, and you will be amazed at how much stuff is needed in a general dentist's office. And the more programs you provide, the more things you need. In the United States, a typical dental chair costs about $15,000. Seriously. You are fortunate to find an air driven hand piece that is less than $1,000.
Dentistry has been greatly improved over the decades and progress is still being made in improving equipment, techniques, materials.
In addition, the price is also related to the cost of living, the cost of doing business and what the market will bear. Some dentists do very well, but only after years and years of risk, work and sacrifice. Therefore, we see that the cost of dentistry is very expensive.