Do Not Blindly Do The Teeth Whitening Surgery

 The teeth whitening procedure consistently produces positive results - always giving the patient a brighter smile and stronger self-confidence when they walk out. The professional teeth whitening through professional dental led whitening machine is the safest and most effective way to get the glowing smile you want. But can anyone make teeth whitening? The answer is no. You must be a good candidate for teeth whitening.


To do tooth whitening surgery, you need to meet the following four conditions:
First of all, your teeth staining is extrinsic insead of intrinsic. Extrinsic staining means you have some external factors of stains; for example, coffee from the teeth, red wine and ketchup on your teeth. Intrinsic staining means that discoloration is caused by internal substances, such as dead nerves.
Second, your teeth are not brown from cavities. If they are the case, those teeth need to be restored and healthy first.
Third, the teeth you want to whiten are natural teeth  instead of others. Because teeth with bondings or crowns are not made up of enamel, they will not be whiten.
Last but not important, your teeth and gums are healthy. Your teeth should not have disease or decay present.
So, before you decide to make the teeth whitening, please make sure you meet the conditions above first, and chat with your dentist for more details about teeth whitening, then make your decision!