Benefits of Using an Intraoral Camera

With advances in technology and amazing features, Intraoral cameras have become an integral part of the global dental practice. The biggest benefit of using an intraoral camera is that it allows the patient to participate in the diagnostic process. Therefore, it gives him a better understanding of the problem and the proposed treatment.


In addition, there are some more important benefits of using an intraoral camera:


Early Detection of Oral Health Problems

An intraoral camera is very effective in detecting dental health problems earlier, when it is invisible to the naked eye. If a tooth decay or a dental disease is detected early, the proposed treatment is less invasive, expensive and time consuming.


Improves Patient-Doctor Relationship

With an intraoral camera, the doctor is now able to display a magnified image of the dental area to the patient. It helps the patient to clearly understand the problem and the reasons behind the proposed treatment. It helps reduce anxiety and builds a trusting relationship between the patient and the dentist.


Improves The Accuracy of the Dental Treatment

Intraoral camera has advanced technical features. It is equipped with a head that rotates from 0 to 90 degrees and LED lighting for better visibility, and powerful magnification (with several cameras possessing zooming capabilities up to 100x) and more. These features help dentists accurately diagnose dental problems and advise treatment.


For Future Case Documentation

Intraoral camera helps to record patient cases for future reference. The images can be used to compare the result of the treatment in the future. And dentist can access images and videos for reference. They can accurately track progress and suggest advice changes in the treatment.


Better for Insurance Claims

Many patients have insurance cover for their medical treatments, but in order to use it, insurance companies need to identify problems and treatment. The images taken by the intraoral camera provide visual evidence to support the patient's insurance claim. In addition, images and videos are available almost immediately, saving a lot of time and hassle for both, the insured and the insurance company.


Intraoral cameras has revolutionized the dentistry world. It makes the dentist's diagnosis more accurate and the patient is more willing to receive treatment advice. The intraoral camera is the best tool available to dentists to display real-time images and videos of problem areas and to educate patients about dental diseases. Check more quality Dental Equipment here at