What should take into consideration when choosing endomotor motor

What should take into consideration when choosing endomotor motor

Endodontic instrumentation has advanced significantly in recent years with a range of powered rotary and reciprocating systems that can make root canal treatment easier to perform. Endodontic electric motors with apex locator are a part of this advancement as they provide clinicians with the ability to use endodontic files with constant and precise torque suited to the canal being treated. Many of these systems offer programmable settings, automatic reverse functions designed to reduce file breakage, and some even feature integrated apex locators. Some electric dental handpiece systems can even be used for endodontics along with a full range of other functions.What should take into consideration when choosing endomotor motor? The following 6 factors you need pay attention to.

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1. Rotation vs Reciprocation:

Rotary vs Reciprocation
Rotary endodontics was able to deliver great results with a lesser risk of complications such as ledge formation and root perforation. The advent and evolution of rotary files have resulted in various files systems that are used to effectively shape the root canal system. But then came along another advancement when the 4th generation rotary files were introduced. This was the use of reciprocating motion, which was considered to be more effective than continuous rotation.

2. Speed and Torque Control:
An endomotor with speed and torque control is necessary to have complete control over instrumentation. The usual speed range that is employed in endodontics is between 150 and 650 rpm. Higher speeds offer better cutting efficiency but are more likely to cause instrument separation and fracture.

3. Auto Functions:
Modern endodontic motors are developed with auto functioning features which make it easier to carry out endodontic procedures and reduce the risk of complications.

4. Compatibility with File Systems:
Buy an endomotor which is flexible enough to be used with different rotary file systems. Although manufacturers of endomotors recommend using files of their brand for best results, the necessity to use another file system should not be overlooked.

5. Battery:
This is another parameter that has to be considered before you buy an endomotor for your dental practice. Most endomotors have rechargeable batteries made of nickel metal hydride (NiMH) or lithium ion (Li-ion).

6. Built-in Apex Locator:
The latest endomotors developed in the current times have an integrated apex locator which eliminates the need for two devices while carrying out root canal treatment procedures. These devices can function as an apex locator and endomotor separately or as a combination of both functions. While using the device in the combination mode, clinicians have the advantage of real time assessment of the position of the file in the canal.

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