What should take into consideration When choosing an ultrasonic scaler

As we already know, dental ultrasonic scaler are used in endodontics and periodontics for the removal of subgingival and supragingival plaque, the cleaning of tartar and surface stains, as well as in the surgical process. Years ago these procedures were performed manually with instruments such as curettes, sickles or chisels, which required much more effort for clinicians and stress for the patients, hence favouring a progressive switch to mechanical instruments.

A) Handpiece
The ultrasonic scaler handpiece is a fundamental element in an ultrasound device as it is essential that it is compatible with the tips we use. As we already know, these components work directly in the patient's mouth so it is important that they are self-cleaning at a temperature of 135 º C for proper disinfection.

Two other relevant aspects related to handpieces are their frequency and amplitude. For good cavitation, the frequency must be between 21-32 kHz. However, the frequency does not directly determine the effectiveness of cavitation as other technical factors such as correct adjustment and screwing to transmit the appropriate vibrations have an influence. The amplitude of vibration, on the other hand, depends on the shape of the tip. Therefore, when we have to remove large quantities of tartar, we obtain better results with a wide tip than with a fine one. For this reason, it is recommended that our ultrasound kit has a wide enough range of tips to perform our work efficiently.

B) Ultrasonic tips
Ultrasonic scaler tips, also known as inserts, are paired with each ultrasonic device, so generally each manufacturer produces and recommends their own tips. The DTE brand however has released some ultrasonic equipment compatible with tips from other manufacturers such as Satelec, the world leader in ultrasonic equipment. Nevertheless, we must take into account that when selecting one specific brand from the market, we will automatically be choosing tips from that same manufacturer. Therefore it is vital that we inform ourselves of the prices and features (size, material etc.) that a brand has to offer before purchasing our ultrasonic device.