Large appliances and machinery required by dental clinic

Dental Autoclaves: In order to perform sterilization with steam at a temperature of more than 100ºC, an autoclave (typically class B) will also be more than necessary.autoclave clase B.

Dental X-Rays Machine: For dental diagnosis and treatments it is very common in dentistry to perform radiographic tests. Using Dentaltix's online store you can find all kinds of materials used for x-rays including developer boxes, intensifier screens, negatoscopes, films, x-ray holders, x-ray positioners, protective materials, cleaning materials, x-ray protectors, sensor protectors, stain removers, developers, fixers and more.

Cabinet Lamps:
Cabinet lamps are an essential tool in every dental clinics, and are necessary in order to work with precision and in the most comfortable way possible. They are made up of an articulated arm and head, designed with a concave surface that reflects halogen or LED light at a Kelvin temperature as natural as possible. This helps both the professional to identify realistic colours during treatment while ensuring full comfort for the patient. Lastly, these lamps can be either floor or wall mounted.

Dental Stools: Buying a medical stool can be a very important decision, as the dentist must allow himself to work in the greatest amount of comfort. This is why ergonomics are essentials, along with a good tripod support in order to avoid any long-term issues. Depending on the degree of comfort that you may want as a dentist, or the tasks you wish to perform, there are different types of stools: with or without armrests, specific for operating rooms etc....

Dental chairs with dental unit: The purchase of dental chairs for a clinic can include simply the chair or actually form an entire dental unit including the usual handpiece equipment (micromotor, contra-angle handpiece, turbine, ultrasound, etc.) along with some other basic elements such as control panels, autoclaves, water distillers, glass filling, etc.. All of which depend on the model.