The list of dental autoclave parts and their functions

Chamber. The chamber itself is a fundamental part of any type of dental autoclave. It consists of an inner chamber and an outer jacket. In hospitals and laboratories “jacketed” autoclave chambers are also filled with steam, meaning it puts less of a burden on the inner chamber by reducing the condensation inside it. This also results in a reduction of the time it takes for the sterilization cycle to finish.

Controls. Just like a common microwave or oven, all autoclaves have their own control panel. Of course, a machine as sophisticated as an autoclave steam sterilizer doesn’t have the exact same controller interface as household device. Basically, the sterilization cycle follows a sort of recipe provided by the autoclave’s software, which launches a process consisting of several phases.

The list of dental autoclave parts and their functions

Thermostatic trap. The trap inside an autoclave is a device that serves to allow water and air to get out of the chamber. It is always a vital component of the most professionally designed autoclaves.

Safety valve. Since autoclaves operate using highly elevated pressure, they absolutely have to be fitted with a variety safety measures and a sturdy construction. The safety valve is basically a fail-safe device that protects the user from danger if all other electronic procedures fail to function properly. Because of its essential role in safety, the safety valve always needs to be inspected and tested beforehand.

Cooling system. Before the waste-water coming from the autoclave can enter the drain piping, it has to be cooled down to avoid damage caused by the heat.

Vacuum system. Present in only certain types of autoclaves, the vacuum system serves to replace all the air inside the chamber with steam.

Steam generator. Also known as a boiler, a steam generator’s purpose is to provide a source of steam for the autoclave when there is no central source available.

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